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2013 - the year ahead

Posted on February 24, '13 by Robert Brain.

Well, another years is behind us (2012), and another year is well underway.

A lot happened in 2012 - a lot of new material was posted into the Toolbox. A lot of new pages were put up. We extended the seminars by running one in Sydney for the ATAA.

And this year aleady we are making some more key changes by focusing more on the needs of investors with new web pages like: Share Market Success Secrets; having Problems with Investing?.

To see a running history of changes, see the RSS feed... (you can subscribe to the RSS feed to receive update information as it is posted... see the RSS page for details).

Latest Toolbox news blog...

Posted on June 10, '12 by Robert Brain.

I am now using a separate blogging tool for posting information about updates to the Share Market Toolbox and it's contents.

Please see the details here:

Share Market Toolbox - updates

Posted on July 17, '10 by Robert Brain.

The new Premium Member section of the Toolbox is about to be launched - in time for the 2010 Trading and Investing Expo.

Details are in this week's Weekly Market Analysis email to my current Toolbox Members and interested/registered people.

The new Weekly Watch List that I have been developing for a few weeks is coming on really well. The amount of useful information in the back editions (going back to March 2009) is fantastic.

Updated details on this updated Member Gateway page any day now.

And there is current Special deal for new Premium Member signups before 1st August 2010.

Brainy's Share Market Toolbox

Posted on February 10, '10 by Robert Brain.

It is now a couple of months since I officially launched my Share Market Toolbox web site.

It is an expanded version of what I was doing in 2009.

And I am now doing a Weekly Update of the Aussie Share Market – just for my TOolbox subscribers. And this is in addition to the monthly eNewsletter eBok Articles that I do each month on three topics – Share Trading, Charting and BullCharts.

Brainy's BullCharts Tip Sheets

Posted on March 11, '09 by Robert Brain.

I have been busy writing a 3 or 4-page “Tip Sheet” on various BullCharts topics. These help explain specific features in BullCharts, and how to do things.

I am doing these Tip Sheets on a fortnightly basis (weekly was too much, really), and they are totally FREE.

You can register to receive them on my web site: (the big blue button).

Brainy's eNewsletters - Success!

Posted on March 11, '09 by Robert Brain.

I have now written four editions of the monthly eNewsletters. Each monthly edition includes at least four separate articles of up to 4 pages each. Each article is on one of the following topics: Share Trading, Technical Analysis, or BullCharts software.

The number of subscribers is steadily increasing, and the feedback is great.

You can see a preview of the past eNewsletters here:

Feedback is most welcome, to improve the product, to help my subscribers.

Brainy's eNewsletters launched

Posted on October 22, '08 by Robert Brain.

After a lot of hard work bashing away at the keyboard, the first newsletter and first round of articles are ready for unleashing, and are now launched.

Today, everything is ready, and the official launch is happening at the Melbourne BullCharts User Group meeting tonight.

Now looking forward to being able to help a lot of people with the ongoing newsletters and articles – but they need to subscribe in order to receive them directly.

Announcing Brainy's e-Newsletters

Posted on October 15, '08 by Robert Brain.

Based on feedback, and the amount of progress with the seminars, I am now announcing the new “Brainy’s e-Newsletter” series of monthly newsletters.

Once each month I will prepare and send out a sumamry newsletter by email, including links to key web pages to download a series of “documents”. These documents will cover the following topics:
  • Share Trading
  • Technical Analysis
  • BullCharts software tips and How-To documnets.

These documents will have special “reference” or index codes so that they can be printed and filed away in sequence for easy future reference.

I will soon have a more descriptive web page here in the Online Shop with more details, and more info on my web site.

Happy trading.