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2013 Seminar updates

Posted on February 24, '13 by Robert Brain.

The two key seminars "Share Market 101" and "Price Charts - Unlocking the Secrets" are now scheduled for Term 2 at the Vermont South Community House (VSCH). Groups tend to be small - between 3 and 5 people - which is great for personalising the content. See more details...

2012 Seminar updates

Posted on June 10, '12 by Robert Brain.

The two key seminars "Share Market 101" and "Price Chart Secrets" are running four times each year (once each school term) at the Vermont South Community House (VSCH). Groups tend to be small - between 3 and 5 people - which is great for personalising the content. And the Price Chart Secrets seminar (aka Technical Analysis Introduction) might be run in Sydney soon - stay tuned.

2010 (July-August) Seminars

Posted on July 17, '10 by Robert Brain.

The Trading and Investing Expo is almost on us (just a few days away).

Shortly after that I will be running another Blue Chip Price Chart secrets seminar, then a Share Market Secrets seminar a few weeks later, and another Bule Chip Price Charts secrets.

Watch out for the sharks in the ocean.

2010 Seminars

Posted on February 10, '10 by Robert Brain.

Gee, time gets away from us so quickly. The year 2009 escaped, and Christmas came and went. And now we are into 2010, and it is almost time to run some more seminars in school Term 1 at the Vermont South Community House.

In late March on two consecutive Saturdays I will be running a Share Market Secrets seminar (last year it was called the Boot Camp), and then the Blue Chip Price Chart Secrets seminar (which last year was called the Technical Analysis Introduction seminar).

With more updated material, and a larger audience, these seminars promise to be great!!

Really looking forward to them.


Share Market Boot Camp

Posted on July 03, '09 by Robert Brain.

Ran this a few times last year – 4 hours and always ran out of time.
Running again this year for 6 hours. Will be in July/August in two 3-hour sessions on Saturday arvos. At Vermont South.

Technical Analysis Seminars

Posted on July 03, '09 by Robert Brain.

Ran another one of these last weekend – for 4 hours. Went really well. Next one is 29 August at Vermont South.

Trading Workshops

Posted on July 03, '09 by Robert Brain.

Been runnign a couple of Hands-on Trading Workshops over recent months. They have been well received and the participants have really enjoyed them. Will be running another in August in Vermont South.

2008 Seminars - finished

Posted on November 23, '08 by Robert Brain.

Well, it was a lot of hard work in the planning and preparation. I have presented several Share Market Boot Camp seminars in the last 3 months, plus one Technical Analysis Introduction seminar. That’s enough for this year.

December tends to be the “silly season” when a lot of people are too busy thinking about Christmas and the holiday period, so I am not planning to run any seminars – but this could change with enough demand.

Otherwise, the next seminars will be scheduled to run sometime in February 2009.

Of course, the share market has been horrible lately for investing long, and many people will have superannuation accounts that are greatly diminished – not mine. I moved my super to cash and bonds a few months ago. You could have done this as well, if only you knew about it, and knew how.

Anyway, the bear market might bottom anytime soon, and offer great opportunities for investors to get in early and snap up some winners. But, you need to know how to do this. My seminars help you in this regard.

In the meantime, I am busy writing my monthly eNewsletter articles. See a separate page and blog for more details.

Next Seminar - 15 Nov

Posted on October 15, '08 by Robert Brain.

Boy, time goes real quick. Have successfully run the first Boot Camp seminars with some very satisfied customers. I am now busy doing a few things (see other comments on Brainy’s e-Newsletters), and updating and improving the BootCamp material for another presentation on Saturday 15 November. Already have some people booked in, with only 20 people maximum. Any interested people need to be sure not to miss out, and get in early (25% discount for early registration and payment so we have no last minute rushes).

Advertising - great

Posted on September 08, '08 by Robert Brain.

Been advertising on radio 3MP, and in the local press, and in The Age last week. A few people have registered. It’s all happening this coming Saturday 13th. Slide review is under way. Will be a great day for everyone. This is something that many need at the moment – especially with the share market the way it is.

Progressing well

Posted on September 02, '08 by Robert Brain.

Delivered the first seminar last week, to a small crowd. Had great feedback. Need to revise the presentation slides a little. Will be fantastic.

17 August - local paper ads

Posted on August 17, '08 by Robert Brain.

I’ve got an advertisement in this week’s Knox Journal. And they are sending a photographer out tomorrow for a photo to go with an editorial hopefully in next week’s Knox Journal newspaper. Less than 2 weeks until the first seminar happens.

17 August update - Melbourne

Posted on August 17, '08 by Robert Brain.

I just spent two days working with Brendon L (BullCharts software) on the BullCharts stand at the Melbourne Trading and Investing Expo, and helping with the ATAA stand (preparing some posters). Many of my seminar advertising flyers were taken – great news.

3 August update - Brisbane

Posted on August 17, '08 by Robert Brain.

I just spent 2 days working with Brendon L on the BullCharts stand at the Brisbane Trading and Investing Expo. I also met with Rod Cameron and Garth in Brisbane to talk about the Brisbane BullCharts User Group, and to help them with ideas and support to get their first official meeting under way. The trip went well.

Upcoming Boot Camp Seminars

Posted on August 06, '08 by Robert Brain.

This is a very exciting period, with my first Boot Camp seminar happening in late August.

In early August I am very busy writing the seminar material and preparing the presentation details, and lots of surprises for the participants at the first seminar.