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About Us - Robert Brain ("Brainy")

I am a skilled trainer and consultant with several years experience in the share market, and I am a computer power user. I also run the Australian BullCharts User Group (the BullCharts charting software package).

As from February 2010 I am also an authorised BullCharts sofware reseller. And I can offer any purchaser of BullCharts a special deal – one hour of free support time for installation or tuition. More details here

My web site is truly a Share Market Toolbox with an arsenal of weapons to help you tackle the share market.

I am using my old high school nick name “Brainy” to distinguish my seminars, products and services from colleagues in the same industry.

From time to time I am now running my Share Market Secrets seminar (formerly called Share Market Boot Camp) and the Blue Chip Price Chart Secrets seminar (formerly called the Technical Analysis Introduction seminar) in Melbourne, Australia. Plus other focussed seminars and workshops from time to time (depending on the demand and requests).

I have also packaged up the seminar hand-out materials, and made them available via this online shop for those people who can’t get to the seminars. See the Publications link at right.

I am also writing monthly e-Newsletter (eBook) articles on special trading and technical analysis topics (as well as on BullCharts). Over time, these articles are building up into an easily referenced collection – much like a text book except that you can study the articles progressively over time, rather tham skim through another text book and plonk it on the shelf to gather dust with the others. Please see the relevant web pages here for more information.

More details about us are available on my web site:

Happy Trading

Robert (“Brainy”) Brain