Well, it was a lot of hard work in the planning and preparation. I have presented several Share Market Boot Camp seminars in the last 3 months, plus one Technical Analysis Introduction seminar. That’s enough for this year.

December tends to be the “silly season” when a lot of people are too busy thinking about Christmas and the holiday period, so I am not planning to run any seminars – but this could change with enough demand.

Otherwise, the next seminars will be scheduled to run sometime in February 2009.

Of course, the share market has been horrible lately for investing long, and many people will have superannuation accounts that are greatly diminished – not mine. I moved my super to cash and bonds a few months ago. You could have done this as well, if only you knew about it, and knew how.

Anyway, the bear market might bottom anytime soon, and offer great opportunities for investors to get in early and snap up some winners. But, you need to know how to do this. My seminars help you in this regard.

In the meantime, I am busy writing my monthly eNewsletter articles. See a separate page and blog for more details.