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Brainy’s monthly eNewsletter articles
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See the Toolbox Membership for more details.

Brainy’s e-Newsletters are actually much more than a newsletter – they are a total package of several seperate eBook articles, and are aimed at both new and experienced traders/investors. Each of the four eBook articles every month are up to 4 pages each (and sometimes more), and cover useful and indispensable information on these subjects:

  • Technical Analysis (how to read share price charts)
  • Share Trading (how to set-up, and trade, including trading plans)
  • BullCharts software Tips, and How-To documents
  • BullCharts Indicators and Scans.

(What is BullCharts? Find out here or find out more about the Melbourne-based Australian BullCharts User Group.)

Why subscribe?
By taking up membership of Brainy’s Share Market Toolbox, you will automatically get the monthly eNewsletters:

  • You will receive some very useful information once each month on each of the above topics.
  • Better than another text book that you might not find time to read.
  • Learn more about trading – how to get started, how to minimise risks and losses, and maximise profits.
  • Learn more about Technical Analysis – support and resistance, trend lines, indicators.
  • All articles are written professionally, in down-to-earth everyday language.
  • Very useful share price charts are included where useful and appropriate to help illustrate concepts and ideas (using BullCharts software).

How does it work?
The short monthly newsletter is delivered to your email Inbox, and it includes links to download all of the current month’s articles at your leisure. The articles build up over time into a useful volume that is easy to refer to with a detailed Table of Contents.

More information
Information about the e-Newsletter articles and how it all works, and what’s included, is available here:

Try one for free
Even before enrolling you can access one month’s newsletter and eBook articles for free. View the first month’s e-Newsletter and all the free Share Trading and Technical Analysis articles here:

Subscribe – without doing it online
You don’t want to pay with PayPal or credit card? That’s okay. Print out the online form (here is a link), complete the details, and mail it to the Australian address listed.

SHIPMENT / Delivery
Once your order is received and payment is confirmed, we will send you an email with all the details you need to access Brainy’s Share Market Toolbox, and the eNewsletter Articles. This will normally only take one day, but could take up to 3 business days. So please don’t panic if nothing arrives for a day or so. You can always follow up by email or phone. Details are under the “Contact Us” heading on the web site.