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Remote PC Support


Remote computer software support – specialising in BullCharts software; but also including the free LibreOffice software (open source). Cost is just AUD$20 for each 15-minute block of time.

BullCharts software support

Robert can conduct a demonstration of the BullCharts share price charting software on your own computer from a remote location (provided you already have at least the trial version installed).

If you have some questions about BullCharts (or the other software), or if you need a demonstration of how something works, we can do that.

How to arrange it?

To arrange a Remote Software Support session, contact Robert by email or phone to discuss the details (contact details below). Then pre-purchase at least one 15-minute block of support time here from this web page. Once the session is completed, Robert will generate an invoice (MYOB) for the total amount of time spent. If the time taken is more than the amount that is pre-paid for, then you will need to arrange payment of the balance. You can do that on this web page again, or by EFT or cheque.

If we use up the amount of time that is pre-paid, then we can continue the session until completed, and then fix up outstanding charges by invoice afterwards.

What are the costs?

The cost is simply $20 for each 15-minute block of time.
After you have discussed the needs with Robert, and arranged a day and time for the session, all you need to do is purchase one 15-minute block of time here. Then after the session, any additional 15-minute blocks can be paid for here.

Let’s say the session takes 30 minutes in total. You will need to buy one 15-minute block initially. Then after the session, to complete the payment you will need to buy one more 15-minute block at $20 each. That’s a total of $40. Rather cheap for the convenience of participating in the session from your own home or office, with no travel and car parking to worry about.

How do we pay?

Payment can be made via this secure OnLine Shop facility using a credit card, or PayPal. Or you can pay by cheque or EFT.

More details

More details about the Remote Support facility and how it works are included on Robert’s web site here:

Contact details

To contact Robert to discuss, or to arrange a session and nominate a day and time, please phone: 0438-355-910 (mobile phone – Australia), or email: