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Share Market 101 (Boot Camp) seminars

Sold Out!

No, NOT yet sold out! Seats still available.

Brainy's Share Market 101 seminar (formerly called Brainy’s Share Market Secrets seminar and the Share Market Boot Camp).

This seminar runs in one 6-hour session on a Saturday – at VSCH – Vermont South Community House. Complete with a light lunch and huge handbook for future reference.

Learn all about the share market - how to spot trends, and ride them profitably. How to minimise market losses and maximise profits. Learn about Funda-Technical Analysis (how to find quality stocks for investing when they are good value).

This Share Market 101 seminar is crammed full of 6 hours of great information all about the Share Market. The first of these seminars (in 2008) was just 4 hours, and rather pressed for time. With additional material now included the duration is a more comfortable 6 hours without the need to rush through it.

To ENROL in this Seminar, please contact the VSCH directly by phone or email - see the contact details...

Dates + more: More details about the seminar including dates and the great hand-out materials, your investment price, and more, are in Robert’s Share Market Toolbox web site… (an arsenal of weapons to help you tackle the share market).

Included: Some really useful hand-outs and the reference hand-book (now a huge 110+ pages). And a light lunch.

The hand-out and presentation materials have now been greatly improved and enhanced since the first seminar in 2008, and there is ample time for questions and discussions.

To ENROL in this seminar, please contact the VSCH directly by phone or email – contact details here...

Venue: Vermont South Community House (VSCH) in Melbourne. Prior registration is essential.
Please arrive up to 15 minutes early for check-in, and to browse the displays (from 9:45am for a prompt start at 10am).

Make sure you don’t miss out! Places are limited.

Enquiries: Contact Robert directly by email or phone .

Please note: The seminar does not contain any financial advice. It is for education only. People should not rely solely on the content; but should always seek advice from a duly qualified professional financial adviser.

"The best time to prepare for the next bull market is before the bulls have bolted" - Robert Brain