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Share Market Secrets Handbook


Brainy’s Share Market Secrets Handbook is the reference book that goes hand in hand with the 6-hour Share Market Secrets seminar. In the seminar, the seminar presentation slides and the notes in the handbook go together.

[Cost is just $25.95 + $10 post/packing to any Australian location.]

BUT, the Share Market Secrets handbook is also extremely useful as a separate reference book. It is also available to download in digital eBook format (a PDF file), or if you would prefer to buy the real book and wait a few days for delivery you can order the physical book right here.

The physical handbook is currently 90 pages, and spiral bound. They are almost printed to order, to ensure that it is the latest version available. (You see, there are updates made to the book from time to time in preparation for the next seminar).

Please note: The Handbook does not contain any financial advice. It is for education only. People should not rely solely on the content; but should always seek advice from a duly qualified professional financial adviser.

The cost for the physical book is just $25.95 plus $10 post and packaging to any location in Australia. Please allow up to 5 days for processing and regular postage. (It will be quicker if we still have some in stock. If out of stock, it will only take about 3 days to arrange more copies, and 2 days to mail it to you.)

If you would rather purchase the downloadable eBook (PDF) version, please go to this web page.