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Supplementary Handbook

Sold Out!

Trading plans and strategies, Rob’s Gems, and an extensive Supplementary Resources list.

The Share Market Boot Camp seminar package includes the seminar Handbook, plus some additional hand-outs. These extra hand-outs will be available for purchase shortly as a “Supplementary Handbook” package.

This package will include:
  • Trading Plans and Strategies – How to put it together;
  • Robert’s Gems – a long list of popular investing phrases (pearls of wisdom);
  • Robert’s Supplementary Resources list – a long list of further places to go for more information (a PDF document with active links to web sites).

These items are currently bundled in a different form with the Boot Camp seminar. Ideally, you would come along to a seminar, and receive both the seminar handbook and these extra hand-outs for free.

But if you can’t get to a Boot Camp seminar, then the next best option is to buy the Supplementary Handbook (maybe you are not located in Melbourne).

I am sorry that is not yet available; but it will be very soon (within days).

Please note: The hand outs do not contain any financial advice. It is for education only. People should not rely solely on the content; but should always seek advice from a duly qualified professional financial adviser.

Also: the price shown is before postage and handling costs ($8 per hand book).